Heena + Jinit

The crowd of roughly 800 guests stood eager for a glimpse of the bride as Heena and Jinit's wedding ceremony began at SLPS Event Hall in Irving on May 24th. There they witnessed the bride ascend the stairs to meet her soon-to-be husband who waited patiently at the end of the catwalk. Their stage was flawless, with white, pink, and purple flowers across the entire backdrop. It looked like it came right out of an elaborate Broadway play. Their witnesses were in for quite a show.

During the ceremony, the officiant gave a powerful message to all in attendance about the importance of witnessing such a momentous occasion. As the couple held each other's hands, he explained the journey that Heena and Jinit were about to take together. For all their lives they had been two separate people, but on that day they would be united by the strong bond of marriage. His message clearly resonated with the audience. The cheers and applause for the newly married couple were the loudest that we have ever heard. 

After the ceremony, while the guests took a break and the newlyweds got ready for their reception, the Memories Films crew was busy behind the scenes preparing Heena and Jinit's Same Day Edit video. We knew it would be a wonderful surprise to all the guests who had just seen the full ceremony on the stage. Now they would get the chance to see what we saw, everything from Heena and Jinit holding hands during the ring exchange to the laughter they shared as the officiant made jokes. Most importantly, their witnesses got to see a variety of highlights from the days of celebration and preparation. It meant so much to us as story tellers to have this opportunity.

We love what we do, capturing moments that are so immensely precious not only to the couple, but to all their friends and family. To Heena and Jinit, we wish you and your family countless joyous moments. We may have made a Same Day Edit highlights video of your special day, but being a part of your wedding was certainly a highlight for us. 

Planner:  Spotlight Style  //  Photography: William Bichara  //  Decorator: Elegant Affairs -            Vikram Panicker  //  Venu: Surti Leuva Patidar Samaj of Dallas