What an honor it was to be part of the very first Heart Stories Summit and the launching of their App. 

Video Producing this event was second to the knowledge, understanding and encouragement received from being there and hearing all the heart warming and life giving words of friendship being shared. 

It was awe inspiring to witness the great love poured out to all the attendants and see the heart of this organization. 

Please check out their site, app and facebook page. 

We are very thankful to have partaken of this encouraging dream put in action!  

HeartStories is a new kind of resource for women. We have a dream of seeing women live more fulfilling lives as a result of replacing the noise in their minds with truth and love. We are rallying true believers to spread the news that change is in the air. HeartStories is pioneering a new way to use technology to replace all the noise with truth and love, for ourselves and for others. We are pioneering an app that is a new way of using technology FOR us to help women to retrain their brains. This app is a place to be heard, focus on the positive and replace the noise of the negative stories.