The best things in life are free...

The best things in life are always free and those are the most important things! 

Bharat and Shreta had beautifully and meticulously prepared for their marriage celebration. 

Everything was exquisite and breathtakingly beautiful but what struck us most about this couple is where their heart is and that is; in fully enjoying and appreciating their family, friends and eachother! 

This couple was so engaged and focused on enjoying their special days and celebrating friendship and family. The cultivation of their relationships was apparent in the close bonds not only between them but including all their family and friends who were full of kind words and sentiments towards them. 

We wish Bharat and Shreta fullness of joy as they continue to grow in their relationship.  

Photography: VEK Photography  //  DJ: RIZ  //  Planner/Coordinator: Uptown Events