Venue Selection


There are so many questions brides & grooms should be asking to a long list of people and venues. As if it’s not overwhelming enough we would like to add a few more to your list.

We at Memories Films strive to not just document your special day but to capture your story. To put on film a lasting beautiful memory that you can revisit and share endlessly. Stirring years down the road, the cherished emotions this event conjured and what it meant to you on that special day!

We dream of the day you can turn on your own romantic love story and share it with your children and be their fairytale Prince and Princess.

Part of this process is capturing close details in emotions and expressions along with all the surrounding decor the couples have so diligently planned out and poured their efforts into.

Our clients come to us for this reason and trust that we can capture what we need to deliver this. Looking forward to being able to absorb details that during such a day our cloud of emotions throw a veil over.

Many couples shell out top dollar to be in beautiful churches and establishments, unaware that more often than not these top dollar places have very strict rules on where the videographers are allowed to set up and if or not they are allowed to move around.

Though we have grown accustomed to being prepared for such places we would like to point out that if you are dreaming of a certain angle in the shots we capture and if your film is of highest importance to you please make your establishment of choice aware of this wish and be informed to their guidelines.

When choosing an officiant, keep in mind that they are the key speaker during your vows and most often than not, the miked person.

Something to think about!