We've been busy!  Cancun, the Grand Canyon, Louisiana, Playa Del Carmen are just some of the places we have been lately!  Here are some cinemagraphs we have created.  These are so much fun to make!

Kalgi + Neil

On a hot, sunny day in early September, Kalgi and Neil were married in a lakeside ceremony in Lubbock, Texas. With no shortage of beautiful decor, their guests were treated with a unique baraat down the dock at Ransom Canyon Ranch. Their ceremony was alive with bright colors and excited guests who cheered on the couple as they started their new life together. After the ceremony Kalgi held on tight to her husband as they made their grand exit on a jet ski. Where they rode off to on that jet ski only they know, but soon after the newly married couple arrived at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center ready to party. DJ Prashant kept their family and friends dancing the night away in celebration of their union. It was definitely a night to remember! 

Congratulations Kalgi and Neil!

Planning: K.I. Weddings // Decor: Decor One // Ceremony: Ransom Canyon Ranch // Reception: Lubbock Memorial Civic Center // DJ: DJ Prashant // Photography: Hiram Trillo Photography //  Make up: Ishnae & Co.  

Makena Beach, Maui Destination Wedding

We couldn't have had a more amazing time filming Sania and Reginald's destination wedding at the Makena Golf Resort in Maui, Hawaii. This intimate wedding offered spectacular views daily! Not counting the Bride and Groom. From witnessing the Milkyway on a clear night to rainbows and sea turtles, this wedding couldn't have been any more perfect! Congrats to Sania and Reg!

Roshni + Neil Same Day Edit

Words cannot describe the beauty and detail put into this wedding. Amazing floral arrangements hanging from a dome suspended in air is just one of the amazing details of Neil and Roshni's ceremony in Lubbock, Texas.

Planner: K.I. Weddings  //  Decor: Prashe  //  Photography: Hiram Trillo Photography  //  Venue: Spirit Ranch and Lubbock Memorial Event Center

Heena + Jinit

The crowd of roughly 800 guests stood eager for a glimpse of the bride as Heena and Jinit's wedding ceremony began at SLPS Event Hall in Irving on May 24th. There they witnessed the bride ascend the stairs to meet her soon-to-be husband who waited patiently at the end of the catwalk. Their stage was flawless, with white, pink, and purple flowers across the entire backdrop. It looked like it came right out of an elaborate Broadway play. Their witnesses were in for quite a show.

During the ceremony, the officiant gave a powerful message to all in attendance about the importance of witnessing such a momentous occasion. As the couple held each other's hands, he explained the journey that Heena and Jinit were about to take together. For all their lives they had been two separate people, but on that day they would be united by the strong bond of marriage. His message clearly resonated with the audience. The cheers and applause for the newly married couple were the loudest that we have ever heard. 

After the ceremony, while the guests took a break and the newlyweds got ready for their reception, the Memories Films crew was busy behind the scenes preparing Heena and Jinit's Same Day Edit video. We knew it would be a wonderful surprise to all the guests who had just seen the full ceremony on the stage. Now they would get the chance to see what we saw, everything from Heena and Jinit holding hands during the ring exchange to the laughter they shared as the officiant made jokes. Most importantly, their witnesses got to see a variety of highlights from the days of celebration and preparation. It meant so much to us as story tellers to have this opportunity.

We love what we do, capturing moments that are so immensely precious not only to the couple, but to all their friends and family. To Heena and Jinit, we wish you and your family countless joyous moments. We may have made a Same Day Edit highlights video of your special day, but being a part of your wedding was certainly a highlight for us. 

Planner:  Spotlight Style  //  Photography: William Bichara  //  Decorator: Elegant Affairs -            Vikram Panicker  //  Venu: Surti Leuva Patidar Samaj of Dallas

Nate + Padma

How do you know when you've found the one? For Nate, it was simple. His best man tells it best:

"He [Nate] turned to me, looked me square in the eye and said, 'I love her dearly, she's my best friend in the entire world, and she makes me the happiest man on the planet.' "

The bride and groom's contagious smiles let us all know that they were truly making the smartest decision of their lives. Simple, smart, and sweet of course! The Fluffpop cotton candy and Hotpoppin popcorn were some of the many charming features of Nate and Padma's fusion wedding. The Memories Films video crew had no shortage of sweet moments to capture. 

While DJ Prashant kept everyone moving on the dance floor and the Dallas Bhangra Crew got the guests pumped up to celebrate, Nate and Padma continued to share their little glances and smiles of excitement with one another. It was these little moments, the moments between the ceremonies, traditions, and dances that exemplified further just how happy these two were to be married that day.

Thank you, Nate and Padma, for sharing your special day with Memories Films.

Planner: K.I. Weddings  //  Photographer: Lomesh Photography  //  Decor: VP Designs

Derek + Courtney

The love Derek and Courtney's family and friends have for them was ever-present on their wedding day. From the groomsmen going head to head on the go kart racetrack to the bride's dear friends joining hands to sing a song together; it was certainly an emotional event to capture. 

We had the pleasure of creating a film that not only documented their nuptials, but also wrote, directed, and shot a recreation of their Taco Bell inspired proposal. 

Though the Memories Films crew only got to spend a short while with the newlyweds, their passion for each other was clear from the moment we met them. Candlelight set a romantic atmosphere in Chapel at Ana Villa as they entered the ballroom and immediately began their first dance as a married couple. 

Everyone certainly came prepared to party in celebration of the momentous day. Guests were given light up glasses to wear as the groom surprised his bride by serving as the DJ for part of the evening. Courtney also had a few surprises up her sleeve with an outfit change that occurred just before the guests started showing off their moves on the dance floor.

Thank you so much Derek and Courtney for inviting us to witness and capture the moment you became husband and wife.  

!Live Más!

Sachin & Jaina

It was such a blessing to be part of Sachin and Jaina's union. What an amazingly sweet and gracious couple they are.   We had so much fun with these two!  

Their celebration was full of life and joy.  Family and friends were hosted with much love and care. 

We wish them a very blessed marriage.   

Decor by: Elegant Affairs – Vikram Paniker  //  DJ: DJ Yogi  //  Photography: Humza Yasin Photography  //  Uptown Events – Kirtna and Kanchana

Vikram + Radhika

What a pleasure it was to be in the company of this couple, their families and to partake in their special days and celebrations! The family atmosphere was so strong that soon we felt like part of the family too. Radhika with her captivating spirit and smile compliments Vikram with his joyful character and together make a wonderful pair. Southfork Ranch looked dreamy decorated with the vibrant colors, flowers and decorations. The newly weds made a very fun and playful entrance to their reception and set the mood for a blissful celebration of their union. We wish them all the blessings and love of a strong marriage and friendship.    


What an honor it was to be part of the very first Heart Stories Summit and the launching of their App. 

Video Producing this event was second to the knowledge, understanding and encouragement received from being there and hearing all the heart warming and life giving words of friendship being shared. 

It was awe inspiring to witness the great love poured out to all the attendants and see the heart of this organization. 

Please check out their site, app and facebook page. 

We are very thankful to have partaken of this encouraging dream put in action!  

HeartStories is a new kind of resource for women. We have a dream of seeing women live more fulfilling lives as a result of replacing the noise in their minds with truth and love. We are rallying true believers to spread the news that change is in the air. HeartStories is pioneering a new way to use technology to replace all the noise with truth and love, for ourselves and for others. We are pioneering an app that is a new way of using technology FOR us to help women to retrain their brains. This app is a place to be heard, focus on the positive and replace the noise of the negative stories.

The best things in life are free...

The best things in life are always free and those are the most important things! 

Bharat and Shreta had beautifully and meticulously prepared for their marriage celebration. 

Everything was exquisite and breathtakingly beautiful but what struck us most about this couple is where their heart is and that is; in fully enjoying and appreciating their family, friends and eachother! 

This couple was so engaged and focused on enjoying their special days and celebrating friendship and family. The cultivation of their relationships was apparent in the close bonds not only between them but including all their family and friends who were full of kind words and sentiments towards them. 

We wish Bharat and Shreta fullness of joy as they continue to grow in their relationship.  

Photography: VEK Photography  //  DJ: RIZ  //  Planner/Coordinator: Uptown Events

Jonathan + Christyn

We had loads of fun shooting Jonathan and Christyn's love story out at Southfork Ranch in Parker, Texas.  We were so fortunate to have amazing access to Southfork to shoot the interview for a love story.  Prestonwood Church in Plano is also a beautiful church to film a ceremony that we always enjoy.  Check out Jonathan and Christyn's love story below!

Derrick + Yuri

Yuri and Derrick's wedding day was such a beautiful occasion to capture.  Their love story is one full of love, hope and romance.

The groom Derrick is absolutely smitten with his beautiful bride and eager to tell the world of the gem he has so graciously been blessed with.  His children all have openheartedly adopted and clearly deeply love their new step-mom and confidant.

Yuri is an absolutely beautiful bride both inside and out, her calm and kind spirit was a pleasure to be around.

Seldom do we as the videographers get emotional but the beautiful words shared between the bride, children, and groom had every eye including ours tearing up.

The bride's uniquely original headpiece and bracelet are handcrafted by a talented family member.  It was such an elegant touch and without a doubt an immediate heirloom.

Besides a photo booth, which has become quite popular at weddings, this couple had an amazing caricaturist.  We don't think any one guest skipped the opportunity to get a wonderful drawing capturing themselves at this joyous celebration.

Derrick and Yuri's wedding was one of the most thoughtful and loving unions of not only two people, but a family of five.

We wish this family continued blessings and happiness.